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Social Awareness/Community Services - (2009 - 2010)
The Seven day Special Residential Camp for the NSS volunteers in the year 2009 - 2010 was conducted from 15th December to 21st December 2009. It was jointly organized at Gagangiri Maharaj Ashram, Manori, Malad(W) along with Guru Nanak College. Respective programme coordinators, Mr. Santosh Pathare and Mr. Santosh Katariya with 35 volunteers from our college and 69 volunteers from Guru Nanak College worked whole heartedly to make this camp really a very special one.
For smooth functioning, a total of 10 groups were made. Each group had 10-11 volunteers. Work was assigned each day to different groups after breakfast, field work or kitchen work. Care was taken to see that each group had volunteers from both colleges. With this, students learnt qualities like cooperation, leadership, team building, personal relationship, time management, respect, and love.
Each day started at 6.30am with prayers and yoga session. Breathing techniques, eye exercises, neck exercises, physical exercises etc. were taught. 
The field work consisted of protecting the plants and trees and cleaning the surrounding place. This field work which is commonly known as ‘Shramanubhav’ was followed by informative sessions conducted by personalities from different fields.
  • Dr. Sandeep Muley took yoga session.
  • Dr. Mitali Das Gupta taught color therapy and healing techniques. This session gave insight into so many aspects.
  • Mr. Krishnakant, a social activist who worked closely with Ms. Medha Patkar in Narmada Bachao Andholan spoke on disaster management in which he shared his experiences.
  • Mr. Ravi Shukla took a lecture on communalism.
  • Mr.Krishna Shukla who is a reporter in Nav Bharat Times gave information about media and society.
  • Mr. Kiran who is an experienced person in performing street play, gave valuable tips on how to enact a street play.
  • Dr. Priya Vaidya in her presentation titled “Love and Life” made the students understand the real meaning of life. She interacted with the volunteers so well that the students were dumbstruck. One of her notable lines was “If you want to be remembered after death then there are two ways i.e. to write something good or to do something good so that others write about you”.
  • Documentaries were also screened.
Competitions such as poster making, singing, essay writing, street play was also held.
The students were made to play games through which some message was conveyed. In one of the games, the students were told to make a long chain using paper strips. The twist in the game was when the hands of the group members were tied. The moral was “Problems come in life and one has to face it boldly”.
In the ashram ‘havan’ is conducted every Sunday during which nearly 200 devotees of Gagangiri Maharaj chant mantras and sing bhajan. Our volunteers experienced the divine atmosphere also.
The kitchen group had to bear the responsibility of preparing the food for everybody. They had to serve clean food and also to clean all the utensils.
Principal Dr. Harsha Mehta, Vice Principal Prof. M.R.Bhatia, Prof. Asha Gala witnessed the camp and they expressed their happiness.
The camp was successful due to committee members and support from Prof. Pratibha Pai, Prof. Sunit Dharne and the Ex - NSS volunteers from both the colleges.
The special residential camp was something that would be cherished by each person who attended it.
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