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Visions’ 07, the annual festival of SIES College, Sion (West) concluded with a bang on Monday late evening. ‘Fuel the System’ was the theme of this year’s festival and thus had events lined up to indeed fuel the system which also consisted of a rally of 350 students who declared war against yellow bulbs and promoted the use of CFLs.

The events at the festival included regular doses of performing, literary and fine arts events along with some unique events like Let the Junk Play, where participants created music from junk stuff given to them; participants posed as celebrities and answered the questions of the press in Mock Press conference; Model Political Party event saw participants floating hope for a new, clean GenNext political party. There were a host of workshops too. The tarot reading workshop and drums workshop saw maximum participation.

The highlight of the festival which turned out to be mega crowd puller was the rock fest, PowerChords. Passes for sold to jam packed college campus for the event and the 4 finalist bands – RoseMary, Zodiac, Depth and AtmosFear gave a hell of a performance. The winner of the evening was undoubtedly AtmosFear while RoseMary was the runners’ up. This year’s PowerChords was dedicated to Vincent Pereira a.k.a. the Beast from the band Prakalp; who died due to Asthama in October. The headliners of the event were Split and Dream Out Loud who just proved why they are the headliners of the show giving audiences a superb time.
A host of celebrities came down for the festival which included Hon. Mayor of the City, Shubha Raul who came down to appreciate the Ban the Bulb rally, choreographer Tina Sachdev (Jhalak Dikhlaja fame), Television actor Vikram Acharya (RJ from Dil Kya Chahta Hai, Star One) had not just the girls crazy for him but guys too, Nimisha Vakharia (Charubala of Baa, Bahu aur Baby) and Shailendra Barve, Music director of Taare Zameen Par.

The festival concluded with a near professional fashion show, which was very close contest and with themes – retro and khadi. D.G. Ruparel College was adjudged the best college as it won the maximum number of points while Khalsa were the runner’s up college. 43 colleges registered in the 3-day fest which had 45 events including the rally and the workshop. 


President (VISIONS)


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22nd to 24th December 07

SIES fuels the system

      12th December 2007, marked the beginning of a full fledged war against global warming and who better than the youth to initiate it. The students of S.I.E.S College of arts, science and commerce, Sion (west) celebrated World Energy Conservation Day with a difference. The college organized a rally on Wednesday to promote the use of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and ban the use of yellow bulbs. The main aim of the rally was to create a sense of awareness among the people regarding global warming. 

       The rally supported by GreenPeace organization as a part of the annual inter collegiate festival VISIONS ’07. The rally was flagged of at Five Gardens, Matunga by the Principal Dr. Mrs. Harsha Mehta. The participants, who were more than 350 students, were divided into two groups. While one group proceeded towards Matunga Market, the other group moved towards Mahatma Gandhi Market. Around 10 dozen yellow bulbs were exchanged for the CFLs by the students.  

        The Mayor of the city Dr. Shubha Raul unfortunately couldn’t make it for the event of that date but ensured that she sent a message to the students via the electronic media and made a point to be present at the opening of Visions on Dec 22. Principal Dr Harsha Mehta was delighted with the whole idea and the initiative taken by the students. “I have never seen such a disciplined and organized rally. I am extremely proud that my students have tried to bring a change in the system,” said the Principal. The rally proved to be an out of the box event gaining media coverage by national media like Star, Zee and IBN as well the print counterparts – Hindustan Times, The Asian Age, The Free Press Journal, Yuva, Sakaal, Maharashtra Times, Saamna and many more. The overwhelming response to the rally proves that nothing is impossible if the youth takes a stand.                                                                                                           

Team Visions

ZIEGERS - Tech Taka Tech

Ziegers, the Computer-Science fest of S.I.E.S College was organized with much enthusiasm on the 17th, 18th and 19th of January 2008. The fest started off in a traditional manner with the lighting of the lamp by our Patron Principal Dr. Harsha Mehta, our Vice-principal Professor Bhatia and our H.O.D Professor Manoj Singh.

                   Participants from various colleges in and around Mumbai, who came to test their talent and potential, took part in various events.
                   Day 1 began with events such as Enigma where in the participants showcased their logical and analytical skills, Junkyard wars wherein the participants used junk constructively to make saleable products. The major attraction of Day2 which was LAN-Gaming (Counter Strike) started in the afternoon and saw some real gaming talents. The best point which the participants felt was that they got to participate in all events they wanted to include Indoor games like Chess and Carrom. Day3 saw events such as Mobile Film Making and LAN-Games such as NFS UG2 and FIFA’06 which saw a great response.  

                  Ziegers-08 was covered in leading and popular newspapers like ‘Sakal’ and ‘Hindustan Times’. The fact that students from 41 colleges took part in this fest gave an assurance of it being a huge hit.



Every living object on this planet Earth is a creation of God known as “Messiah” in the form of human beings, plants & ANIMALS. Every Messiah is sent with a certain mission to fulfill. Thus enhancing the beauty and glory of this world and making life worth living. Humans, being the most superior in the name of religion, mercy killing, safety etc kill these beautiful species.

Imagine your child being killed mercilessly in front of your eyes and you stand there unable to help just witnessing the heinous crime as a mute spectator. Have you got goose bumps? Same is the situation with animals. These helpless creatures are slaughtered just to fill our appetite, adorn our looks, or just lay as an art-piece. Imagine your loved ones replacing them.

Eloquence ’08 in association with ‘PETA’- People for Ethical Treatment of Animals supported by GOAL has decided to take a stand against this. We, the youth take this issue in our hands and try to spread awareness about the inhuman treatment meted out to animals.

January 17th 2008 marks the beginning of this spirit which would ignite many hearts to stop the violence against these wonderful creations of God and the message spreads across like wildfire.

God gives us birth and that’s his gift to mankind and what we do is our gift back to him, so its high time we listen to our muted hearts because we all know that we want to make a difference some how or the other. We create the path; the step should be yours to help us reach our destination.

Youth – We are the future and our time of action is NOW!!!

                                                                       SAMEER GUPTA (TYBMS)

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