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Age of Liberalization and Globalization and Privatization (LGP) began in India in 1991. A number of experts predicted that shrinking of government sector. However 2 decades after LGP began, the government sector has not shrunk but in fact is growing. In countries like India, government just can’t escape from Welfarism. Thus, the government jobs are ample even after LGP. One can witness this from growing number of seats advertised for civil services every year.
Government job offers security, prestige and power- power to make difference for the society. To enter government service, one needs to qualify through a number of competitive exams conducted by bodies like Public Service Commissions at Union and State levels, Staff Selection Commission etc. The exams are extremely competitive and test the intellect, consistency and temperament of the candidates. Hence proper guidance & training are keys to success.
We have noticed that the success rate of students from Maharashtra in national level competitive exams is relatively low. This is due to lack of awareness & proper guidance at undergraduate level. Students generally start preparing after they graduate. But they thus lose valuable undergraduation years for preparation. Even when they begin, there is lack of guidance about choosing optional subjects, study material & guidance.
Thus SIES College in association with ‘Compex Forum’ has launched UPSC – MPSC course to provide the overall guidance & develop correct approach for success in these exams.
  1. Create awareness about various competitive exams in Maharashtra and India.
  2. To guide undergraduate college students. This is because awareness about these exams is lacking at undergraduate level which unnecessarily delays their success in these exams.
  3. To provide training from Foundation level to interview.
  4. To encourage interactions between fresher’s and successful candidates through formal & informal channels.
Foundation Course
The objective of Foundation course is to create a solid base for different competitive exams. It aims at introducing the students with a number of competitive exams, their nature & basic elements.
Course Structure
Indian History
Indian History is broadly studied in 3 parts – Ancient, Medieval & Modern.
The range of Indian History is from Indus Valley Civilization to present era.
Indian Freedom Movement forms a major component of Modern Indian History.
Climate, topography, drainage systems, human settlements are some of the important elements of Geography. There is a wide variety across nations & within India itself. An introduction of basic geographical phenomena & facts would be provided.
Indian Polity
Civil Servants work within the broad framework of our Constitution. Knowledge of basic features & principles underlying our constitution is a must for every Indian. An attempt would be made to introduce candidates to our constitution & Political System.
Economics has become the basic of national as well as international politics. Its indispensible to know the concepts like Inflation, Price Index, Share Market, National Income as well as about organizations like WTO, SAFTA & EU. Also a review of economic progress of India would be taken.
Science believes in causal relationship study of Science involves study of inanimate as well as living world around us. Knowledge of basic concepts of science, scientists, their contributions is very essential for aspirants of competitive exams.
Mental Ability
A special practice session for developing mental ability is an important component of these exams.
Current Affairs
Current Affairs is an integral part of competitive exams. Who’s who, incidents happening around us are a must know for each candidates. Foundation Course would have debates & discussions on current affairs under supervision of experts.
Skill Development
Preliminary Test of different competitive exams are generally screening test. They involve objective, multiple choice questions. On the other hand, Main exams are conventional type. Thus both levels need different kind of preparation.
Objective tests expect extensive or horizontal study while conventional type exams require intensive in depth study. Interviews are often Personality tests. Thus a candidate needs to develop a number of skills like making notes, present opinions, write answers, hobby development etc. Foundation course aims at developing these basis skills which would make the journey to success a pleasurable experience.
For details contact – Mr. Anand Mapuskar, Executive Trustee, Career Foundation. Cell: 9820017591
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